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Rabies is a dangerous disease which many people think has been eradicated, but is this really the case? Call us for professional pest control services today.

Foaming at the Mouth

You’ve seen the media portray those who have rabies as being crazy people who foam at the mouth – or maybe that was just your crazy aunt in the news. Again. From dogs to any animal that salivates just a bit too much, you’ve made the joke about whether they’ve had rabies. It’s mean possibly, but at the same time, it seems that this is truly one of the biggest symptoms when it comes to rabies. Or is it? Are you suffering from rabies ignorance? Those who do know more about the disease than you do are certainly looking at you strangely for being so stupid about it. Until now.

At Risk of Rabies?

Rabies is a viral disease which will affect the way you think and act. Though there are some treatments available (well, Foreman got cured in House, anyway), it’s a tricky disease which is most often fatal since it’s something that sort of sneaks up on the person or animal who has it. You might have had rabies for a while, but then you don’t find out about it until you get your death sentence. Instead of simply focusing on rabies treatments, you might want to think more about the prevention of rabies in the first place. You can prevent it – just by locking yourself in a dark room and not coming out for the rest of your life. Easy, isn’t it?

Treating Something That Isn’t Detectable

So, yes, it can take months for rabies symptoms to show us and it’s something that’s hard to cure, even on a good House day. Even Dr. House lost one of the rabies patients, but it wasn’t his fault. (And it was just ACTING, so she’s fine.) When it comes to rabies research, it’s something that’s still getting some attention, though the reduced number of cases makes rabies something that’s sort of on the back burner in terms of cutting edge grants and resources. Chances are good that you just have to go to your doctor and hope they have the painful shots around immediately after being bitten by a possibly rabid animal.

Many people won’t think about rabies because they just don’t have to…until the foaming begins. But by taking some time to be aware of rabies through looking into rabies resources and links, you can be certain you’re not one of the very few infected people. Whew.